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About Us

We have many custom pieces of jewelry, as well as designer lines containing fine, very fine and top - gem quality stones.

 The Classic Rock marries the romance of fine, very fine, and top gemstones in jewelry of unique and traditional designs. With a scheduled appointment, verbal or written appraisals can be done in your presence. Trust, integrity, knowledge, and education are the foundations of The Classic Rock. Come experience The Classic Rock difference.

Setting ourselves apart from others, our diamond prices are competitive with the internet and are GIA certified. We have
a gemological laboratory that we use to provide FREE diamond, colored gemstone, and pearl classes. These classes are taught by Jeanne Katsuro.

Jeanne earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and the Composite Field of Science with the emphasis on Geology and Biology from the University of Texas. She is also a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most reputable gem institute in the United States, Jeanne offers more than thirty-four years of experience as a diamond expert, gemologist and jeweler.

Discover the difference that Jeanne makes with her free one-on-one lessons. Jeanne teaches you the color, clarity, and cut on the diamond as per the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Society (AGS). You will also learn how to use a 10 power loupe and a microscope to distinguish clarity and the diamond light to distinguish color.

One of the most important lessons that we teach you is to always view the diamond under the microscope before buying. Many have made huge mistakes by buying the diamond sight unseen through the internet or with only a hand-held loupe. Learn by taking our lessons, see for yourself, and be confident with your purchase.

 Many satisfied customers agree.
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We invite you to come to San Jose, California for personal classes in each category of jewelry. Each complimentary class is ½ hour to one hour and helps you experience, first hand, the use of the diamond loupe, microscope, diamond light, scale and much more. Please call for an appointment (408) 298-1415.

To learn more about the free classes we offer click here.